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Welcome to Raj Aryan Nursing & Paramedical College

Raj Aryan Nursing & Paramedical College is a new initiative of Aryaman Educational Trust in the field of health education aiming at furnishing humanity with well trained, humanitarian, professionally expert nurses and midwives that can provide unparalleled maternity services.

Our college has highly appreciated teaching facility, who believes that good education is the root of a highly successful professional career.The college conducts regular exam so that students have a feedback to work harder and to get better. The teaching methods adopted, promote multi disciplinary enquiry and practical application of problems. Interactive methods of teaching are employed so that there is a high degree of interaction between of students and the teacher in the classroom.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop and expand opportunities for each condidate and all to have excellent and pleasent nursing facilities and experiences. We are working in the direction of making a healthy society full of hopes for the future.We believe in our team and we will achieve our goal on time with your blessings and our hard work.


Our Vision

Raj Aryan Nursing & Paramedical College, It is the prism that refracts all our endeavours — whether it is our architecture, curriculum design, pedagogy, hostel life, laboratories, cafe or the library. In short, we simply celebrate the liminal space where the ‘Raj Aryan Nursing & Paramedical College’ meets the ‘local’.To flourish in the world today, one cannot afford substantive and rigid visions of the good life. One has to appreciate the negotiated nature of the contemporary. That is why we emphasise reflexivity, flexibility, diversity and accommodation as key values. While that is the ethos of critical engagement, we aspire to craft, we are equally keen to develop top quality doctors for dedicated patient care.


A. N. M.

Females Only

G. N. M.

Males & Female

B. Sc. Nursing

Males & Females

24 Months

36 Months

48 Months

Academic Qualification

Intermediate or equivalents

Intermediate or equivalents

Intermediate or equivalents

Age Limit

15 to 35 years

15 to 35 years

15 to 35 years

Admission Process

On the basis of written exam and interview Exam

On the basis of written exam and interview Exam

On the basis of written exam and interview Exam